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February 14, 2018
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US Golf Open in the Hamptons

US Golf Open in the Hamptons: Things to do in Hamptons!

Do not just visit Hamptons for the US Golf Open in the Hamptons because there is much more to do. Explore the place and enjoy.

Visit the cooper’s beach

First, you should head to the Cooper’s beach for a relaxing day. It is the beach that you should visit on the day when there is no golf match. You will find the players relaxing under the sun as well. Some of the best thing about the beach is

  • The waves when touching the land sounds so relaxing. You will feel like all the stress is gone.
  • If you do not have the beach amenities do not worry. Everything is available for rent. You can rent the beach chair and enjoy
  • There are some small bars and restaurants on the beach. Spend some quality time with having your favourite.

Book your Stay at the Bay Watch Hotel, in the Hampton Bays.

When you are here for the US Golf Open in the Hamptons. You will have to find the perfect place to stay. Bay Watch Hotel will be the best choice. They have an amazing infrastructure with many. The hotel is beside the beach which makes it a perfect point to enjoy water skiing and other activities. The rooms are highly comfortable and hospitality is great. You will feel like you are in your own small world.

The Surf Lodge

If you are looking for something exciting that will enhance your energy levels. You can visit the Surf Lodge. It is located at 3 hours’ drive. The place worth visiting on weekends. Here you will get a chance to enjoy the concert of your favourite band. The pace is full of tourist and locals on weekends. All of them are from different areas and came to enjoy the concert. You have to assure that you spend your free time in Hamptons in the best possible manner.

Enjoy the US Golf Open in the Hamptons

Once you are in Hamptons for the gold there is no doubt that you will not enjoy the US Golf Open in the Hamptons. The organization of the event is amazing. From the maintenance of the gold court to the technical services, everything is perfect. There will be drones covering the area. It will assure that players and audience will see where the ball is going. You will not miss a single thing when you are on the golf course. Book your tickets today when they are available. Make some of the best memories in Hamptons that you will never forget. It is the best destination for golf where fans will enjoy the game and the amazing state.

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