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Last year the prize was $11 million

US Golf Open prize money: The players are winning something huge

Everyone wants to know what will be the US Golf Open prize money. Most of the individuals have the misconception that golf has a lower prize money. However, they think that there are not many fans. This is the reason organizer are unable to collect a reasonable amount.

They do not know there are millions of fans of golf. Moreover, they visit every golf tournament. This is how organizers have been able to collect a decent amount of winning a prize. Everyone wants to know the actual winning prize. We all know that counting is in the process but there is a little sneak peak of what the expectation is.

US Golf Open prize money

The US Golf Open prize money depends on the amount that will be collected. In addition, it will include the money organizers will earn through the fans. The amount they will spend on tickets to watch the match. The money they will earn from the big firms that are showing interest in the game. There are many companies that donate money to the organization of the game. Do not forget we have the money from the government as well. Once all the amount available the organizers have to subtract the entire cost they will spend on the game. After that, the money left will divide as the prize money for the players.

What the winner will get

Last year in 2017 the prize money was $11 million. It was the biggest amount the golf winner has won in ages. However, this year there are expectations that prize money will increase.

  • Till now $12 million is the winning prize money of 2018
  • There are more fans for the game as compare to last year
  • People are showing interest and they are ready to pay any amount to enjoy the game
  • There will be an increase in the cost of tickets to assure standards of the game are met
  • The winning will be enjoying a huge prize money this year in Hamptons.
  • It seems like US Open 2018 is going to be the game of the century.

The organizers are glad that they are organizing the golf championship in a location tourist’s love.

Runner-up rewards

In most of the international games, there are no rewards for the runner-ups. Golf is different from the rest. In golf championship, there is a prize for all the players. They want the players to feel confident and assure that they will win some amount. It is an attraction because next year players will be coming as well. You might have noticed that players are coming only because they know they will win something. The more time you will spend understanding golf the more you will love the game. They appreciate everyone on the court. There is no difference between the top and lowest players.

It is better that we enjoy the game. We will know about the prize money in the end. There is no need wasting energy on knowing the US Golf Open prize money.

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